Being an Aesthetic Doctor

Anyone that knows me knows that I have always had a bit of a fascination with beauty and make-up, not your typical Doctor! I love trashy TV – Kardashians/TOWIE and have always been fascinated with reading about who has had what done, but wanted to know, how is their skin so flawless? Their gummy smile has disappeared! They have no wrinkles!

Towards the end of medical school I started to look into how I could become an Aesthetic Doctor providing anti-wrinkle treatments and dermal filler injections myself as a basic skill and build up from there. I completed by basic training by Harley Street as soon as I had my full registration and was busting to get going. I got my insurance sorted and approached different places to work, as well as going out on my own. Six months later I completed an advanced lip masterclass to learn how to get the best results in lip augmentation. I will be attending the Aesthetic God, Dr Mauricio’s workshop in early 2018 to learn more advanced techniques (massive deal eeek!!)

I love the idea of being able to provide subtle changes to peoples faces to bring about massive increases in confidence. Most of the things that I do are so small and instantaneous but give people such a huge boost in how they feel about themselves. This is a side of medicine that we don’t get to experience very often – instant results and gratification, and it’s fabulous! I was HOOKED! I don’t think that seeing people cry with happiness or send you messages to thank you for helping them will ever get old.

Don’t get me wrong, I love knowing who has had what done but you don’t want to see it plainly on someone’s face. I’m all about the natural enhancement – not the fake. In my opinion you don’t want a stranger to look at your face and know that you’ve had something done, but have people comment on how ‘fresh’ you look instead! I will not treat under 18’s, wary about under 21’s and don’t even think to ask me for a trout pout. I won’t go telling you what you need either. Beauty definitely comes from within, but if you want to tweek something on the outside to make yourself feel better then go ahead!

I’ll keep posting more little snippets about Aesthetics throughout the blog, as well as treatment tips and safety information on a regular basis.

Feel free to check out my professional Instagram for before and after photos!

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