At the point of going on maternity leave I was just finishing my second year as a Foundation Year 2 Doctor in South Yorkshire. I have opted to take a whole year off before going back, at which point I will be a GP Specialty trainee.

Choosing a specialty was something that I felt was a difficult decision when I had to make it in October 2016. I was all set to pursue a career as a Paediatrician, dedicate 7 years minimum of specialty hospital training working nights, long days and weekends. When I got my news about not being able to have children, I knew that I had to devote as much time to trying to make that happen instead. Also, being a really busy Foundation Year 1 Doctor working in an extremely busy hospital, doing nights, long days and weekends, had kind of got me in my position in the first place. I decided to get away from this and work in General Practice – full time in my training and then part time when I’m qualified alongside my Aesthetic practice.

When I go back in July 2018, I will a further 18 months to complete in the hospital as part of my GP training so fingers crossed for no more flair ups, but at least I know I won’t be doing it for ever.

This section of the blog, I want to use to raise awareness of juggling life as young mum and a Junior Doctor, as well as posting about common childhood conditions that people ask me about or I have encountered myself.

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