Baby essentials for travel

Four months into my journey as a first time mum, there are definitely some things that we just couldn’t do without! I’ve already mentioned, in terms of sleeping, the Sleepyhead and Snuzpod, but there are a few other things along the way for travel that I think are absolutely invaluable.

  • Pram

This sounds like an obvious thing but I know so many people that I have bought a pram straight away to later on think, its to bulky, too heavy, doesn’t turn well, not enough storage, so its a really good idea to do your research and take some time over it. We were so lucky that my beautiful Mama bought us our pram (a Nanny tradition she claimed!). Mum was pretty set on the iCandy for us from the get go but I wanted to shop around and make sure I was making the right choice.

For me personally, I wanted something that looked nice, but not style over substance, was light, easy to dismantle, easy to turn and with good storage in below. There were a few prams that I really liked the look of, the Stokke, Egg and iCandy. I think the Stokke looks very cool, very Scandi, high up for easy access to baba but unfortunately, it was just a little outside our price range and I really couldn’t justify allowing my mum to spend that much. I also thought the Egg looked really stylish, it came in lots of pretty colours but unfortunately I couldn’t find it anywhere to go and have a look at it. We knew that the iCandy range were in Mothercare and John Lewis to go have a look at, and thats what we did!

I loved it, it was really attractive pram. I couldn’t get over how light it was, it turned really easily and came apart quickly too. Most importantly it looked safe for my little cherub. We were shown all the ins and outs of the pram at Mothercare, including available carseats to slot into place and we were sold! We went for Olive Green, quite neutral in terms of colour and gender and definitely on trend ha! We ordered it in store and were told that it would arrive in 5-7 days but it arrived the next day! It came with the base, adaptors for a carseat and to raise the carrycot, a carrycot and pushchair, a seat liner and a rain cover for each. I think we paid £879 for all of it, not including a carseat, that was with an offer too (£983 not on offer). It’s so much money but we knew that would we get great use out of it, and we did from day 2!

  • Carseat

I have to say the car seat choice we found overwhelming, and went to look at them several times before deciding what we were going to go for. We had a pretty lengthly demo from a lady in Mothercare which left us a little clearer, but we still went back a further two times before making a decision. To us, it felt like quite a pressured choice because you want to buy the safest thing for your baby when you drive them around.

We settled on the Joie 360 Spin combination seat. It was pricey, but in our eyes, very worth it. The combination seats do from birth to 4 years old, meaning that we wouldn’t have to buy another carseat until then. It was easy to install in the car with its isofix base and turns 360 degrees to allow easy access to baba. It comes with padded inserts and headrests that are gradually removed and opened as your child grows, to eventually be a forward facing booster seat. In going for the combination seat, of course it meant that it was fixed in the car and couldn’t be attached to the pram. Sometimes when I see my friends with their carseats attached to the pram I do wonder if we’re missing out on the convenience of it, but transferring Florence over to her carrycot/pushchair means I don’t have to worry how long she has been in it, as we’ve been out of the house for more than the recommended time for carseats on numerous occasions. I have to say, 4 months in, we still love the carseat. She really fills it out so much more than when she was newborn and we were bringing her home from the hospital, but is every bit as secure.


  • Baby Carrier

We didn’t buy a baby carrier straight away when Florence was born as my sister-in-law gave us a sling, so we wanted to give that a go first. We used the sling for a couple of weeks on the odd day, but weren’t entirely convinced at how secure it felt. One thing that we couldn’t doubt however, was that Flo absolutely loved it and would drift off every time strapped to mine or Dean’s chest. We knew that we wanted to get out for a few more walks, living in Sheffield and close to the Peaks, who wouldn’t, but we wanted something a little more substantial. I did a lot of research and it came down to either the BabyBjorn or the Ergobaby. I thought we were going to go for the BabyBjorn, I had seen Madeleine Shaw on Instagram walking around London with it every day, but at 8 weeks she said her son had already grown out of it. I knew if we were going to spend some money that we wanted something with a little longevity in it, so we settled on the Ergobaby. It was the most secure, suitable from newborn and adaptable. It goes up to 3 years old and the baby can be positioned a variety of ways as they get older.

This has been worth its weight in gold. We use it pretty much every single day as it comes in really handy for getting little Florry to sleep when she’s being a little tinker! She is still at the age where she is on our front, facing inwards to our chest and she loves it. Being able to snuggle up to mummy and daddy’s chest whilst I get on with jobs around the house or daddy checks Skysports whilst out on a walk getting her to sleep.


Lastly, a cute little pom pom hat, a good pram suit and blanket and you’re ready to go anywhere! Happy travelling


One thought on “Baby essentials for travel

  1. Really wish you’d written this before I purchased my pram… Did not give it enough thought at all! I love my pram don’t get me wrong but yours looks much less bulky and stylish!


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