First Christmas with a baby

I feel so sad that Christmas is over now. Having Dean at home for 2 weeks, my Mum to visit and the tree up was so lovely. Seemed like we had such a long build up, since even before Florence was born we would say, ‘oh at Christmas she will be 4 and a half months!’ It truly was a different Christmas. So special to have it as a family unit, our little triangle!

We weren’t too bothered about presents for each other, and I also didn’t want to go too mental on Flo because I knew she had absolutely no idea, just another day too our little munchkin, albeit in a really pretty outfit.

We also had my beautiful Mama to stay and I was doing Christmas dinner. I had my list all prepared, timings and everything. I love love love cooking and was feeling so excited about it all until I accidentally ended up with a slight hangover on Christmas Eve. We had our first time away from Florence on 23rd December, with my Mum babysitting. Dean and I headed into town and found happy hour. We really got into the Christmas spirit and 5 pornstar martinis later I was actually a bit tiddly for the first time in well over a year! We were still home in time for Flo’s bedtime and the Christmas spirit continued having a glass of wine with Mum before bed as well. Although Florence slept through we got a very smiley 5am wake up call which cannot be ignored. I would’ve loved to have gone back to bed when she had her morning nap but there was prep to be done!

We had family round on Christmas Eve which was really lovely. I managed to complete my list of tasks for day and was truly exhausted by the day was out. In bed by 9pm we thought we would recoup for Christmas Day but Flo had a really restless night, so loud sucking her thumb, tossing and turning and flapping her arms which culminated in another 4am smiley wake up call, along with some happy screeches too!

And so our day began at 4am. Our little cherub obviously didn’t get the memo that it was christmas or maybe she was too excited?! But she didn’t hit any of her naps and poor Dean ended up doing laps around the park with her in the carrier. When that nap was over we had a great time opening presents and Florence got spoiled rotten by everyone!

Lunchtime naps didn’t go to schedule either and so Dean set off around the park again. Poor hubby had burnt off his turkey dinner before he’d even eaten it. We finally sat down to eat with the plan that Flo would play in her seat until we were done and then I would feed her. But unfortunately she decided that she was hungry early and needed feeding that very moment, so I ate my dinner 30mins after everyone else haha.

We were so shattered but full and happy, enjoying our evening pickings when Florence had gone to bed, our first little family Christmas almost over.

I think what our Christmas Day showed was that a baby waits for no one, and our baba definitely marches to the beat of her own drum! It maybe came as a shock just how little relaxing we did but I wouldn’t change it for the world to see her little smiling face playing with her toys and a Christmas Day cuddle and nap with Mama.

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas from my little family to yours


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