Life in 2018

I didn’t really make any ‘official’ New Years resolutions this year. I thought I would have my hands full enough without adding any extra pressure, but I do have a few aims for myself:

1. Lose the baby weight

I guess I’ve already kind of done this. I weigh pretty much the same as I did before I got pregnant, although everything is mega squishy and I have next to no definition anywhere. My problem is that I had put on quite a lot before getting pregnant in the first place. We were comfort eating because we were sad and I didn’t move much, so I was actually at my heaviest ever.

I’ve been used to doing lots and lots of exercise in the past but that’s just not an option now. I don’t have a gym membership, we don’t have anyone to look after Flo, and I feel like I have no spare time at all. Last two weeks I’ve tried to eat a lot healthier, because again, it’s super easy to make something unhealthy when you’re exhausted and just want a bit of comfort, and we’ve done really well with that. I’m actually quite enjoying it, this last week we’ve been using Tom Kerridge’s book – How to lose weight well – and the recipes are delicious!! I’m 4lbs down already woohoo

I’ve been trying to get out walking too when I can. I can’t walk with Flo in the carrier for as long anymore because she’s so heavy (over 18lb now), so after I while it just kills my back. I’m trying to go out walking with Dean when he can carry her. We’re really lucky we have a beautiful park a stones throw away from our house, albeit with some crazy hills. I’ve also been trying to do some home workouts doing abs and using my weights bar. I’ve only managed two in my first week, I would like to be able to do 3, but it’s all progress I guess. I’m not in any particular hurry to get in shape, I’m really enjoying spending time with my family and not stressing about it, but if I had to say, I would like to be in some kind of shape by the summer. It’s weird and a lot of my friends have said it, but the most body confident I’ve ever been was when I was pregnant even though I was huge, now I just feel a bit self conscious about my wobbly tummy. I know that my body has done an amazing thing though, I will get there eventually and I actually wouldn’t change it for the world because it means we have our little cherub.

2. Breastfeeding

There was a point when I thought I would never be able to do it, but now that I am I don’t really want to stop. I absolutely love it and it was worth all the pain and difficulties it came with. This year I would like to see if I can go as long as Flo needs it, even if just for comfort and I think not be so hard on myself for using the formula as well. It’s literally a godsend at the moment with teething and any fussiness, sorts Florence out straight away and seems to soothe her

3. Grow as an Aesthetic practitioner

This year I want to start working hard on my skills within aesthetics and build on the basics that I already know and practice. It’s really exciting and I can’t wait to get stuck in. Some of the things I’d like to be competent in, and that are already in the pipeline are: cheek and jaw augmentation, tear troughs, laser hair removal, HIFU, PRP and chemical peels. I have my first advanced masterclass in March so keep posted on Instagram for before and after.

4. Be a wife

This probably sounds silly because I already am a wife, but for Dean and I there wasn’t any time to settle into our life as a married couple before Florence came along, so this year as she gets older, I would love for us to have some time together. Hopefully have a night away at some point and a few date nights in between!

5. Grow the blog

I would absolutely love to spend time growing the blog, I’ve had such lovely feedback already and quite a few people getting in touch to share their stories/ask questions etc. It has been a real catharsis for me being able to write everything down because becoming a mummy is probably the biggest life event you’ll ever go through!

6. Drink more gin!

Ha this is a funny one, but if you know me, you’ll know that I absolutely adore gin. I know that everyone loves it now, but it’s been my drink since I was about 19 when I discovered it at uni (obviously not the highbrow stuff). I was building a really good collection, although it sort of diminished when I was pregnant, so I would love to build that up again.

I think another couple of general ones are to be kinder to myself, look after myself more, be the best mummy I can be and just try and enjoy every moment of Florence because it feels like she is always changing!


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