Social life?

This past week I have felt like a socialite. I’ve been out more over the last 6 days than I have been in almost a year! It felt strange but really good strange.

Of course with the socialising came an inevitable hangover where I got far too excited and drank too much with my sister-in-law. 1 cocktail and 2 bottles of prosecco later – we completely forgot that we had children and were feeling the live music too much to think about the consequences. So glad that Dean did the feed that night but it was still a bit of insufferable Saturday, however a very happy Florry made it that much more bearable.

My mum came to stay this week which was so so lovely. It was amazing to see her have some bonding time with Flo, and was an incredible babysitter who insisted that Dean and I got out for some quality time.

We went for a lovely meal at a BYOB Italian on the Tuesday evening and then to the cinema in the afternoon the next day. It was great to spend some time together and, although talk about Flo 90% of the time, catch up properly!

Why so much guilt though?! And when does that end??

When I was out with my sister-in-law, even though I went out after Flo was in bed, I couldn’t help thinking, ‘oh my god what if she wakes up and I’m not there?!’ Even though I knew my husband is beyond capable of handling anything like that on his own.

When we went out for dinner, again after Flo was asleep, I thought that same. My mum has raised two children of her own but what if she can’t handle my baby?! A baby who has been a great sleeper for a while now and who hasn’t woken up in that first part of the night since she was about 8 weeks old, but you know what if she starts doing it tonight and goes mental.

When we were at the cinema I left a military style precision list with timings and instructions for my Mum, but I mean, what if all of a sudden she forgot how to read and our precious routine went out the window?! But no, we came home to a very smiley Florry who had taken all her milk, eaten her lunch and slept for 2 hours

Note to self: stop freaking out so much!!

There’s nothing I love more than venturing out with Florrypops and meeting my friends/family but it was actually really lovely to go out as a couple for a change. Hopefully as we get the chance to venture out a bit more here and there I will be able to relinquish the control freak in me! But who knows?! It’s definitely a weird kind of guilt that tells me that I’m doing something wrong by going out but I know in my heart of hearts that it’s not, and it’s good for all of us!


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