I’m Amy! I’m a first time Mama, Doctor, gin lover and all round girly girl.

I’m originally from Belfast, but currently live in Sheffield with my husband Dean and our beautiful girl Florence born in August 2017.

For me, becoming a mother for the first time was not the typical way you would think for a 25 year old, but once I found out I was pregnant all I did was Google, Google, Google! I wanted to know as much as I could before we started our big adventure – what to buy/how much/breastfeeding/sleeping schedules…the list goes on and on! It was then that I actually discovered that it’s quite hard to find the information that you need, there either seems to be hardly any information, or lots of different sources, causing a lot of confusion

People used to say to me, ‘Oh you’re a Doctor, you’ll know that already/know what you’re doing,’ but that is so not true!!! Most of the things I’ve chosen to write about are topics that I was frantically googling myself as a new mum, combined with some really useful sources that I have come across myself. Very soon after having my gorgeous daughter Florence I realised that motherhood does not come with a manual, but that using some handy tips and tricks along the way and having a great support network, can make things a lot easier.

Feel free to browse through the different categories – I try to throw in a few non-mummy/non-medical posts too. See a post you like? Comment/share/write me. Sharing is caring and there’s nothing better when you’re a new mum than to feel connected to other people.

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Lots of love